You can take advantage of the site’s services through the “Wall Blue” App, which enables you to browse the services as needed, and start requesting the service.

The request and selection of the service is free for “Wall Blue” users.

An electronic invoice is sent that includes the required service value.

Of course, you are involved in the evaluation of the service, the evaluation of service providers was made by Wal-Blue users.

Our services are not limited to a particular area, nor to one type of service, we have many companies that provide services to you or your company, not just for domestic services, or consumer goods only.

Of course, you can communicate with customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our service providers are accepted only through quality-of-service testing, or the added goods from service providers, and are tested by internationally experienced specialists; reports to service providers are made based on customer assessments.

We provide a service guarantee and provide you with services certified by service providers with the highest local and international ratings.

Of course, you can benefit from the service on a weekly, monthly, semi-annual or annual basis, depending on the type of service required.

Our services are not limited to people, if you are an employer, you can benefit from all our services, not just maintenance.