How does Wal-Blue help in growing your business?

  • Set up your store

Use easy registration steps to create your store on Wal-Blue App, and you’ll immediately start selling your products to all users from the Arabian Gulf and from all around the world.

  • That’s where our work begins.

We handle all shipping and delivery processes so you have time to improve your business strategy.

  • Selling to all over the world

The Wal-Blue app provides you with a platform to sell your products on a global scale from anywhere in the GCC and beyond.

  • Ready to work: Receiving applications

Once your store is in place, your products will be instantly offered to about 50,000 potential customers. You’ll have instant access to the order settings panel where you can see and manage upcoming orders at the same time as they are placed.

  • Wal-Blue will deliver your orders.

Your account is automatically activated with the shipping services provided by Wal-Blue App. This means that we collect orders you received and deliver them directly to customers. Our shipping services provide a fast and excellent experience, free from difficulties for all customers. We also offer you the option to update (Achievement by Mall)

You can store the goods in our storage centers and we will collect and ship the products directly on your behalf.

  • Receive payments from Wal-Blue

When the customer pays, the amount is directly deposited into your bank account monthly. Fees are deducted only after the sale, and we make sure you receive payments on time.

  • Grow your business.

We offer you special recommendations to help you boost and increase sales. Also, we provide you with a list of your personal settings and reports to help you keep track of performance. In addition, you can communicate directly 24/7 with our customer service team to help you with any queries.